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Fast & easy app creation

To launch your app, all you need to do is, log in to Muvi One CMS and click on ‘Try Your App’. The rest process hardly takes a few minutes – just fill up the basic details like email id, app, name, app launch icon, and splash screen file and hit ‘Build your App’. It’s that simple!

Instant preview of your apps

With ‘Try Your App’ from Muvi One, you can check the look and feel of your app before you launch it. Not just the easy design of your app through its templates marketplace, but also the live preview of your app design along with testing the entire workflow instantly.

Seamless app publishing process

Muvi One makes your app publication process simpler. You do not need to wait for an indefinite time to make your app go live. You can publish it to the app store instantly just by filling up an app publishing form.


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Try your app for Android TV

Yes, that's right. Not just for web & mobile apps, you can create Android TV applications in less than 5 minutes, making it easier than ever to showcase the content on this platform. Quickly and easily create your own Android TV application without the need for any technical expertise!

Zero coding process

With Muvi One, you can cut off all the hassles to build branded apps for your streaming channel. You don’t have to write a single line of code and still can build and preview an enterprise-grade app in a matter of a few minutes - absolutely free!

Easy content management

Not just the preview and publish, ‘Try Your App’ allows you to manage your content with ease. The entire content can be managed from the Muvi One CMS and you can see the changes in real-time.

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