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Brand your own OTT platform without any trace of Muvi

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Muvi is a completely White label VOD platform provider. Although Muvi has developed a highly sophisticated, fully featured OTT platform, it does not intend to prove its mettle using your service as a medium. Muvi respects your business and understands that your OTT service is a function of the great content that you produce and that it’s not an opportunity to brand itself. So, Muvi lets platform owners earn website domain and app development credits.

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  • Get your Own Domain
  • Build your Own Brand
  • Muvi Claims no Credit

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Get your Own Domain


Building on Muvi, you can launch your own white label VOD platforms under your own domain. Since it’s your platform it will appear as yours. When an end user looks up your OTT service, the address bar shall display www.Myplatform.com, and not www.muvi.com/myplatform. So, you don’t just own your content, but your domain too.

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Build your Own Brand


Let’s play a game we like to call “Find Muvi”. All you have to do is find any signage that speaks of or indicates Muvi on your platform. Well, we bet you can’t. Although your entire white label VOD services are built on the Muvi platform and content is delivered to the end users through TV apps, mobile apps, and websites, you will not find even one signage of Muvi in terms of logo, watermark, or text anywhere; a complete White label VOD platforms provider!

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Muvi Claims no Credit


You can release your mobile application on the App store for Android as well as IOS using your developer account credentials. Muvi does not claim any development credits there. In the store, it would appear that your App has been developed by you, and not Muvi.

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