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Your Own Domain

Build your brand identity on your own domain!

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No more hosting your videos to third party websites and channels that give you when you can now have your own domain as by choosing Muvi. Sign up today and unleash the potential of monetizing through videos, through your own personalized website.

Muvi lets you build your own video streaming website with your own domain name. So, showcase your videos with your own branding and retain absolutely full control of how your platform functions. Muvi also provides you a rich dashboard where you can see and update your website visuals and keep your platform absolutely in your own control.

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  • Own Your Domain
  • Build Your Own Brand
  • Complete White Label Solution
  • Expand Your Reach

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Your Own Domain (

Imagine how amazing it is to brand your platform with the name of your choice ( instead of using a third party platform where the mention of your brand is always secondary ( Muvi lets you setup and control your domain with your own choice, so that your brand name comes first and your viewers feel more connected with your brand.

Your own domain

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Control Your Brand

When you can choose your own domain and have a website of your brand name, you will hold better control of your brand. You will be able to decide how you want to portray your brand, what strategies to follow in terms of brand design, monetization, payments, etc. and you will also be able to decide how you want your entire platform to function, in order to gain higher visibility and better monetary results.

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White Label

Yes, Muvi provides you the advantage of owning a completely white-label platform for streaming your live or on-demand videos, without any mention of our brand or logo. No brand diverting and thus, better chance of building customer trust and loyalty. Muvi uses all your accounts wherever there is a need to mention brand and thus, your brand gains visibility, restricting Muvi to take care of only IT.

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