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COVID-19 is propelling the growth of online film festivals. Muvi offers a turnkey solution to host your film festival online. Host all of your movies, secure via DRM, monetize through various methods, and take your festival online almost instantly.

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  • Instant website & App Deployment
  • Barrier-free Screening
  • One Dashboard
  • Virtual Playout
  • Content Scheduler
  • Live Streaming

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Take Your Film Festival Live Instantly

Instant website & under 24hrs App Deployment

From hosting to delivery and promotion to monetization, Muvi offers a bespoke solution to take art-house cinema and film festival truly virtual in an entirely end-to-end setup.


Barrier-free Screening

Barrier-free Screening

Don't let social distancing turn social isolation. Ensure the same visibility and footfall of your physical event or perhaps a lot more by screening movies, documentaries, short films, and everything you do on your show digitally, worldwide across a spectrum of connected devices.

One Dashboard for All Activities

One Dashboard for All Activities


Display festival guide onsite, manage screenings, sell digital passes, supervise ticketed viewing, promote shows, merchandize, everything on a single dashboard. With Muvi's powerful Visual Designer, you can make instant cosmetic edits to your festival streaming website, bringing the physical event's ambiance and the artistry you swear by.

Video Monetization
Video Monetization

Stream 24×7 with Virtual Playout

Stream the official entries, interviews, discussions in a never-ending loop on your website and apps. Let your audience join the live TV as you populate the sequencing and programming on the fly.

Schedule, Promote, Stream – Repeat!

Schedule, Promote, Stream - Repeat!

With Muvi's state-of-the-art content scheduler, schedule the content for a later release via VOD or Playout as you like. Promote the screening via teaser or trailer, run a pre-screening campaign, and entice more sign-ups to your channel.

Video Monetization
Video Monetization

Live Streaming

Update & entertain your community and fan following with engaging live videos. Build a real-time connection with massive audiences across the globe in an entirely end-to-end live streaming setup and broadcast pre-event red carpet moments, on-stage discussions, backstage chit chats, post-screening interviews, and more.

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