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17% rise in the creation of original content for OTT platforms in 2021 31 March 2021

17% rise in the creation of original content


2019 spent Rs 1400 crore to create original content for India’s online streaming users but in 2021, this expenditure has jumped to a 17% growth, Rs 1900 crore. The reason for this sudden spike is due to the long lockdown periods which is a major reason why OTT players today are focused on selling original content.

On the other hand, 500 innovative titles too will be released in 2021, a surge to the title releases conducted in 2019 and 2020 which was 385 and 220 respectively. 

Srishti Behl Arya, Director at Netflix India stated, ‘’We are investing as much as is required (in India). You can’t look at storytelling in terms of a budget. Different films need different budgets and instead of trying to qualify it with a figure, it’s the number of titles you see coming (that gives a sense).’’

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