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17% of U.S. homes now access only OTT programming

According to data from GfK’s 2016 Ownership and Trend Report, 17 percent of U.S. homes now access Video on Demand Services only, up from 15 percent last year. Additionally, 6 percent of homes use streaming services exclusively, up from 4 percent a year ago.

The fact that a statistically significant increase in broadcast-only reception occurred over just one year may be further proof that the cord-cutting/cord-never phenomenon is accelerating,” says David Tice, senior vice president for GfK’s Media and Entertainment practice.

Homes with a resident between 18 and 34 are more likely to use pay TV alternatives, while those with a resident 50 or older are more likely to have a pay TV account. About 3 percent of U.S. homes don’t have a TV.

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