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4K video, OTT broadband services to seriously affect traditional broadcast 14 July 2015

4K Ultra HD


If there’s one thing we can be sure about with 4K ultra HD it’s that the resolution has become an absolutely popular medium for the OTT (over-the-top) community in video production. Amazon, Netflix and a number of Hollywood oriented studios are now shooting all of their original content in 4K resolution and they seem to absolutely love the new format.

Amazon offers a monthly package of 4K content that comes part and parcel with its regular streaming VOD service wherever it’s available and Netflix has done something almost identical by offering a “premium” $11.99 per month package of streaming content which includes the entire company’s 4K movie and original programing selection along with other TV programs like Breaking Bad, which were shot in 4K.

And we can go on, YouTube, UltraFlix, M-Go and Comcast’s X-finity service are all doing very similar things to one extent or another.

In other words, the OTT industry is leaping into 4K content creation/distribution with gusto and are well ahead of pay-TV and broadcast competitors in this particular area above all others.

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