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75% of French TV viewers watch cable, IPTV, satellite 17 March 2015


Around 75 percent of French TV viewers watch TV by cable, IPTV or satellite, according to a new Mediamat’Thematik study from Mediametrie. Of France’s 59.09 million TV viewers, 44.1 million receive TV through one of these technologies, led by IPTV with 29.58 million, satellite with 16.16 million and cable with 4.96 million. There are 12.62 million subscribers to a pay TV service, including 9.33 million with Canalsat over satellite or ADSL and 3.37 million subscribing to a TV service over cable. The Mediamat’Thematik measurement uses a reference sample of 8,866 people aged 4 or older and living in 3,635 households. France, as is evident, is on it’s way to become a haven for VoD platforms.

Read the entire story here.

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