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90% of users prefer to watch online content on mobile:Hotstar report 23 February 2018

Hotstar, the OTT platform of Star India reports that affordable data charges are resulting in promising growth for OTT consumption in mobile with close to 90% of users preferring to watch online content on smartphones, tablets etc.

Hotstar report also claims an average user spends 2.5X more time watching content on mobile, than on the web.

Hotstar which was launched in 2015, is an online video streaming platform which competes with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Voot, etc. in India. Ajit Mohan, CEO, Hotstar, quoted, “Three years ago, most new data users would start with messaging, do a text search, move on to social platforms and a few braves ones would watch video on the mobile network. This pyramid has been completely inverted. In a world that does not fear data charges, a video is the first port of call for new data users”.

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