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Apple TV app including live sports features to be launched in more countries 18 September 2017


Alongside the introduction of 4K and HDR ready Apple TV, the TV app will now be available in more countries outside the U.S.

It was initially launched in U.S, however, it is now expanding to 7 more countries worldwide including Canada and Australia.

France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and U.K will receive the TV app by this year end.

With this expansion outside the U.S, the content sources will also need to be expanded., CBC, FXNow Canada, Sky Ticket and others are going to be partnering with Apple TV for content. Additionally, Apple TV is adding educational-focused streaming service Curiosity Stream as well.

A new experience for sports viewers is also in the pipeline with the TV app, which is great for those interested in getting updates about their favorite teams by asking Siri. So sports enthusiasts can get updates about their favorite teams by getting notifications about when there is an upcoming sports event through a dedicated Sports tab.

Other information such as teams, leagues, and various events will also be included.

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