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Blockbuster quietly reborn as successful TVOD 26 June 2015


OTT history has come full circle, with Blockbuster – the fallen video rental giant that once famously turned down the chance to purchase Netflix for a (relative) pittance – having been reborn in Denmark as a quietly successful, exclusively video on demand system.

Today, at the Connected TV World Summit, IP&TV News took the opportunity to catch up with keynote Sten Lawaetz (Head of TV Services, TDC) and inquire after (what felt strangely like) an old friend…

“It’s been a good campaign,” Sten reassured us. “We’ve still had a very good uptake. We chose not to wait till everything was tip top perfect, we simply wanted to get on the market as soon as possible. It’s an exclusively VOD product, it’s transactional VOD, you don’t even have to be a TVC customer, you become a Blockbuster customer. So it is a true OTT offering, if you like.”

Read the entire story here.

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