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Majority of English TV viewers engage with second screen 31 July 2015

  More than half of English TV viewers in Canada have engaged in some form of second screen interaction, such as looking up something about a TV show while watching it, and almost one-third have engaged in “social TV” activities, … Continue reading

Deepening The Dynamically Ad-Served Pool 31 July 2015

  TV ad delivery will become more addressable as more viewers stream video from set-top boxes and consume IP-based content. Although the addressable TV ad market is still only worth $300 million compared to linear TV’s $70 billion, cable operators … Continue reading

VidCon 2015: Online Video is Changing the World As We Know It 27 July 2015

  The overriding message from the day was certainly the industry colliding with TV and the thought leaders that spoke on the day suggested that the two aren’t going to remain separate much longer. That really came as no major … Continue reading

The New World of Broadcasting 07 July 2015

What is “broadcasting”? There was a time, decades ago, when broadcasting was simple: You got a license from the government, built a transmission facility and flung as much power into the ether as you were allowed. Then came cable TV … Continue reading

LeTV and Xiaomi are in an epic battle to upend the TV industry 02 July 2015

  LeTV and Xiaomi, two Chinese internet companies on different paths that both claim to upend traditional industry, have recently been fighting a battle over smart TV and smartphones. Each side wants to pursue the fight until it forces the … Continue reading

Rising tide of online piracy: Sink or Swim? 29 June 2015

  For the first time, searches for popular insecure OTT devices have now outstripped popular secure OTT devices on Google searches. Online piracy is big business. All content is a target: thematic channels, recent movie releases and particularly live sports. … Continue reading

Blockbuster quietly reborn as successful TVOD 26 June 2015

  OTT history has come full circle, with Blockbuster – the fallen video rental giant that once famously turned down the chance to purchase Netflix for a (relative) pittance – having been reborn in Denmark as a quietly successful, exclusively … Continue reading

Network spend outstips client for hardware/software 25 June 2015

  Revenue growth from video infrastructure network hardware and software is far outstripping growth from client hardware and software, says new Q1 data from Synergy Research Group. While revenue from all video infrastructure grew by 7% on a rolling year-on-year … Continue reading

TV still dominates media consumption in Asia, suggests Roy Morgan study 23 June 2015

  In the first research Roy Morgan has conducted for the Asian market – which does not include mobile internet use – Indonesians were found to watch almost 30 hours of TV a week, accounting for 80 per cent of weekly … Continue reading

Online video and TV services in China could face fines if they refuse to employ censors 22 June 2015

  Under a new draft regulation released this week, online radio and television service providers in China will face fines of up to 30,000 yuan (US$4,835) if they do not employ specialized censors for their programmes. The new rules, announced … Continue reading