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Brazilian Company Oi adds VOD in broadband bundles 03 August 2017


Brazil based operator Oi has included video-on-demand (VOD) features to its broadband packages without including pay-TV. This move comes with collaborating with major programmers like FOX, Viacom and HBO.

Additionally, Oi has added entertainment options to its basic offerings. So it is now offering access to Discovery Kids Play, Sony’s Crackle, ESPN, FOX Premium, HBO Go, Viacom’s Noggin and Coleçao Oi.

Three offerings namely basic, medium and top with varied VOD content in each are being currently offered.

Except for Sao Paolo, on-demand features have already been pilot tested in a number of local markets besides being released throughout the country. The strategy aims at targeting 14% of Oi broadband homes that are not yet subscribed to a pay-TV package.

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