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Connected TV Is At The Heart Of Internet Of Things 27 October 2015

Connected TV IoT


There has been a lot of talk about connected devices ruling the IoT in future and being the soul of smart homes in the future. While the market is expanding for connected devices, it is the connected TV that is set to rule them all.

Mobile being the new first screen and all is okay, but statistically, most Pay-TV subscribers prefer the television ass the preferred screen for video viewing and that accounts for the majority (65%) of all viewing across all platforms, according to a recent Parks Associates report.

But the fading away of linear TV and traditional sources of content have paved way for connected television to expand. As per the newest study TV Everywhere and the New World of OTT by Parks Associates, its OTT video that’s going up ever since Live TV started declining.

A Connected TV is however is much more than a TV. Homes with children spend on average 90% more on OTT video services and digital video than homes with no children, according to Parks Associates.

That simply means an entire generation is starting with a connected TV. Let’s forget the cord cutting part for now. It’s more about those connected TV consumers becoming an early part of the Internet of Everything.

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