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Content connoisseurs and TV bundles 12 February 2016


This is the time of the rise of content connoisseurs. The young, specially, are getting increasingly more interested in video on demand services rather than linear TV. A recent study shows that 44% of this generation is considering giving up Pay-TV subscription in the next 6 months. The number is much lower in the mid age bracket. TV operators hence face a challenge in keeping up with the times. At the same time, there is increase in demand among the young segment for every type of content. Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis, explains “This segment doesn’t just want Netflix, Amazon or Now TV – they want all of it,”. He adds – “The data shows that they subscribe to all of these [platforms] and they would probably also take a BT Sport channel and a Sky Movie channel on top of it. It’s about putting together that wide range of content and delivering it in the way they want. Traditional TV hasn’t quite got there yet.”

Source: Marketing week

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