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Content monetization platforms, OTT subscriptions to make mercurial risings in 2015, says FreeWheel 25 February 2015


The FreeWheel Report says monetization via devices zoomed 236% in the fourth quarter, while smartphones went up 70%. For the year, those increases were 257% and 109% respectively. For the year, FreeWheel says, video views were up 27% and ad views were up 30%. “While consistent growth of digital video monetization is impressive in and of itself, what truly caught the eye this quarter was the expansion of the TV ecosystem,” the report says,  “thus confirming the fact that digital video’s growth is driven by ultra-premium content, and the health of the TV industry can no longer be determined solely by linear GRPs.” Video streaming platforms are unarguably the strongest performers in the zone, as per the report.

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