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Cord cutters, cord-nevers trends 03 August 2017


Cord-nevers are those who have never paid for a traditional TV connection. Cord-cutters are those who have had a standard TV subscription at some point but who no longer have one currently.

According to a study from GfK MRI Cord Evolution, both cord cutters and cord nevers watch shows on Netflix, all 10 of the favorite streaming-only shows of cutters are offered by Netflix as opposed to 7 shows that are preferred by nevers whose other 3 shows are on Amazon or Hulu.

Among cord cutters, 57% of respondents have used the service in the last year. 50% used YouTube as well and 37% used Amazon. Cord nevers on the other hand preferred YouTube (46%), followed by Netflix (39%) and Amazon (25%).

Cord nevers watch short-video viewers extensively and they over-index for apps like BBC news, Showtime and Vevo (OTT apps).

Some other trends found from the study was that cutters who are more likely to be parents are heavy internet users (35%). PBS Video, Disney Movies, Sling TV and A&E.

Neither cord cutters nor cord nevers have totally ruled out opting for a traditional pay TV service in the future.

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