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Verizon expands in Latin America eyeing OTT boom 22 August 2016


Verizon Digital Media has planned a huge expansion in Latin America witnessing the rise in demand of over-the-top OTT and VOD services. The point of presence Verizon has made in Latin America are Colombia (Medellín and Barranquilla), Brazil(Rio de Janeiro), Peru(Lima) and two in Argentina (Buenos Aires).

The expansion has led to improve Verizon’s content delivery network (CDN), on key measurements such as response time and throughput (i. e. speed of delivering data back to a user’s device). Existing customers have also started witnessing the benefits of network enhancement from Verizon. “As our presence continues to rapidly grow in South America, we will continue to invest in long-term network infrastructure developments in this market.” – said Kyle Okamoto, VP of global network, Verizon.

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