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Downloadable video apps have great growth potential 05 June 2017

A great buzz has been created in the SVOD industry segment due to Amazon, Netflix and Comcast’s efforts to offer consumers downloadable video. However analysts and video vendors remain skeptical on the extent of its potential expansion. Netflix announced in November that it would offer download-to-go (D2G) video service feature soon after Amazon introduced this option. Hulu will also be offering downloadable content sometime this year.

In a recent survey conducted by Penthera which is a provider of video software products suggested that over one-third of 1,000 respondents stated that D2G would be a reason leading them to subscribe and not cancel a streaming video service. According to 56%, they used the feature at least once in the past year and more than half of that percentage of respondents used it daily, weekly or monthly.

A potential benefit of D2G is that it does not require an immediate internet connection which could be useful in situations like being on a flight or out of range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. It could be of great benefit in countries that don’t have widely available internet services.  Read More

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