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Equifax Sees OTT Video As The Next Frontier For Marketing Services


A separate, but growing area of business for Equifax – it currently represents less than 10% of its total revenue – is its communications vertical, which large telcos like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T tap to expand their subscriber lists.

Many wish to acquire prospects who are predisposed to buy certain bundles of communications packages.

“Being able to identify the individual is something we bring to bear for the top four wireless … providers,” said Mike Gandolfo, VP of marketing strategy for the communications vertical at Equifax. “We key these users to understand who the individuals are with very high integrity and can marry the data sets in a centralized, safe haven without using any PII.”

But Gandolfo said there’s untapped opportunity for marketing data exchanges as telcos carve out niches for new revenue generation – fueled by the growth of subscription and OTT video services.

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