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Flash vs HTML5 as preferred online video player 25 April 2016

Video streaming players based on Flash still exist. Flash, Adobe’s popular player that faced a lot of heat from Apple, has given way for HTML5 based web video players. But Flash is still prevalent on many online video player sites, particularly those having Anime based content. Flash gave way for HTML5 based online video players because of low performance of flash and compatibility of HTML5 in modern web browsers. Flash required to be separately installed in web browsers, while HTML5 is what web browsers are made of. Security is one reason Flash has hung around till now. Only Amazon and Netflix have strong HTML5 encryption that prevents piracy. Others have held onto Flash for their PC offerings. Migrating requires a lot of investment and also the cash cow that keeps videos running – advertising, runs better on Flash. But the migration is inevitable, move to HTML5 is just waiting to happen.

Source: Anime News Network

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