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10 Ways Muvi Player SDK Can Transform Your Business 09 August 2023

Video is a part of every business today in some form or the other and therefore a strong, configurable SDK that puts you in control of your video streaming platform is necessary if you want to stay ahead in the … Continue reading

Choosing the Best Commercial Video Player for Your Business 28 July 2023

The means of exchanging information over the Internet have developed exponentially over the last 20 years. Most websites on the internet began with imparting text-based knowledge. The trend shifted and gradually people became more and more habitual to an image-based … Continue reading

Exploring the Top 15 HTML5 Video Players: Finding Your Perfect Fit 11 July 2023

  Whether we’re watching tutorials, entertainment, or educational videos, having a seamless and immersive video playback is crucial. HTML5 has emerged as a powerful tool for delivering video content on the web, replacing the need for plugins like Flash. With … Continue reading

Deliver Best Streaming Experience with Muvi Flex’s HTML5-based online video player 07 November 2022

    HTML5-based online video players are gaining huge popularity owing to their exclusive aspects and solutions that not only streamlines cross-device, browser and platform compatibility but also makes sure easy sharing, customization, modifying, settings as well as controls for … Continue reading

How to Choose The Best Video Streaming Platform (Checklist + Decision Tree) 02 June 2021

  Before we start, stop searching for “The Best Video Streaming Platform.” Because nothing like that exists.  Enterprises are intrigued and baffled by the myriad of video streaming platforms available in the market currently. If one promises to offer you … Continue reading

5 Essential Features for Launching a Streaming Platform 31 December 2019

  These days, when streaming platforms have become the obvious choice of entertainment for viewers, there is no better time than now to venture into the OTT industry.  Viewing comfort at all levels is what a streaming platform aims at. … Continue reading

YouTube vs. Own Video platform: Which is better for enterprise video streaming? 19 July 2019

  We all know, YouTube is a powerful video marketing tool. Since it accounts for one-third of the total internet consumers worldwide, most enterprises prefer promoting their business videos on the streaming platform. Even you must have also considered YouTube … Continue reading

Discover 6 Hidden Features of Muvi you must try today! 03 August 2017

So, you have been accustomed to how easy Muvi makes it to create and maintain your OTT streaming service, however, do you know that Muvi has more than 500 features with new ones releasing every month! Just in case you … Continue reading

Infographic: Key components to launch your OTT platform. 18 May 2017

It’s amazing to see how technological improvements has helped shape the new digital era, from the early days of exchanging messages to where we now do “Live Video” instantly and easily within a matter of seconds! Content owners’ perspectives have also … Continue reading