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Gaming Consoles Continue Reign As Top OTT Video Gateways 05 November 2015

Digital games to be $100bn industry by year-end


Your XBOX is so much more than a gaming console. As per a new Parks Associates study, gaming consoles are continuing their reign as the top connected devices (CE) used to access OTT video content in Q1 2015. They are followed by Smart TVs, cloud DVRs and Blu-Ray players.

Parks Associates have also mentioned that about 21% of U.S. broadband homes with at least one connected device are using streaming media players as the “primary” platform for OTT video services. Its 9% higher than what it was in 2014.

Talking of the streaming players, it is Roku with its newly launched 4K-ready model, that comes in third with 10% acquisition while the first two positions are with Microsoft’s Xbox (14%) and Sony’s PlayStation consoles (13%).

Source : Multichannel


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