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How Big Data Helps BBC & HBO Analyze Audience Behavior To Give You The Shows You Want 06 October 2015

HBO Girls TV Show


By using the data gathered across all syndication partners, video streaming platforms & content providers can pre-emptively make critical business decisions in real time – effectively creating a closed loop. This type of model, facilitated by data-driven intelligence, enables providers to effect control and manage every aspect of their ecosystem.

With the right systems, content providers don’t just count viewers – they derive actionable insights, providing guidance on adjustments, the effectiveness of which can be properly measured. With accurate audience, engagement, and experience, metrics, they can make content decisions based on real audience behaviours, rather than relying on post ex facto statistical extrapolations. They can program to their viewers’ preferences, identify and nurture subscribers trending towards churn, and build industry-leading brands. In addition, providers can use data to better monetise advertising. Traditional advertising is struggling in a multi-screen, multi-platform world – by thinking smart, providers can identify and sell specific audiences to advertisers, rather than simply relying on the blunt instrument of impressions.

Content is still king, but delivery is queen, and visibility and control need to form a fundamental component of every provider’s strategy. Adopting a data-driven approach empowers providers, enabling them to rapidly adapt to a shifting landscape and level the playing field.

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