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Hulu and Twitter launch their respective live video streaming services 08 May 2017

Hulu’s live TV streaming service has been launched in beta in the U.S. which includes more than 50 live and on demand channels, priced at US$39.99 (€36.60) per month. Viewers that subscribe to this package also get Hulu’s existing $7.99 per month premium streaming service offering with limited commercials. The Live TV service price is inclusive of this premium streaming service and does not involve any setup cost. Read More.

Twitter has launched a live streaming video channel on Roku. Some key features of the channel include sports simulcasts, news and entertainment programming plus integration of live video feeds with the social commentary from Twitter timelines. This free Twitter channel can be accessed by anyone with a “current-generation Roku device” not necessitating a Twitter account. The Twitter channel on Roku combines video and related conversation about live events rendered on the largest screen in the house. TV viewing just got better with Twitter’s video streaming service since it provides viewers access to major league sports and other crowd entertaining moments. Read More.

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