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Indian startup setup theatre for OTT screening

Teriflix, a Bengaluru based tech startup has given binge-watching a new meaning as it comes up with the first mini-theatre for screening over-the-top (OTT) content from online video platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

The setup will have a 135-inch screen, full HD projection, 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos sound system, amplifiers, speaker systems, and DLP projectors that leaves the audience with premium picture and sound quality.

Teriflix has 45 screenings so far and the spearheads are aiming to expand their service across Bengaluru. Their next target is to bring Hotstar on board.

Teriflix was co-founded by brothers Prashanth and Praveen Udupa in 2017. Currently, the service is priced at INR 1299 per hour for 18 people. The company has also made its stand clear against piracy and quoted, “ Neither Teriflix allows pirated content into the theatre nor it lets customers’ content get pirated.”


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