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Infographic Shows OTT Trends, Including a Strong Shift to Fiber 04 August 2015

OTT Infographic


Following on the heels of a recent survey of over-the-top (OTT) trends published by Level 3 Communications and Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, a new infographic reveals a potential shift in consumption and delivery practices.

As the infographic below shows, for live linear news or premium (non-sports) video there is a shift in acquisition technologies. Fiber use is more dominant than in past surveys. The number of broadcasters using fiber as their sole means of acquisition is nearly 50 percent higher than those using satellite.

Sports content viewing in the United States is dominated by Level 3 and its Vyvx fiber-based broadcast pipe, which provides connectivity to over 155 professional and college sports venues.

Interest in live linear programming continues to grow, with OTT services beginning to offer live channels. As the report points out, OTT providers need to continue enticing new prospects to gain market share. For existing OTT platforms, however, offering a video on demand service may not be enough to maintain, much less grow, market share.

Adding live linear channels is quickly becoming table stakes in OTT. New OTT entrants embrace a long-term strategy that includes both VOD and live linear channels.

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