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Insight TV wins IPTV Ultra HD distribution deal with Siminn in Iceland 24 May 2017

Insight TV which is a 4K adventure travel and extreme sports producer and broadcaster has garnered a major distribution deal with Reykjavik-based telco Siminn. Insight TV’s linear 4KTV channel has been introduced on UHD IPTV service. Siminn Sjónvarp provides Icelandic subscribers with hundreds of hours of content. Iceland has the largest IPTV penetration rate in Europe (68%). Insight TV is the first UHD channel to be introduced by Siminn. It also has over three-fifth of the Icelandic pay-TV market. Insight TV will be added to all three packages provided by Siminn which includes up to 80 channels. The channel will also be available in HD to subscribers that don’t yet have access to a UHD screen. Read More

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