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It’s About Time to Meet Viewer Demand for Online Video 28 July 2015



The $200 billion cable, satellite and television advertising markets aren’t going anywhere soon, but going OTT direct to consumers is inevitable for nearly every content provider. Studies show that more viewers are subscribing to OTT VOD services like Netflix and Hulu. According to nScreen Media’s Founder and Chief Analyst Colin Dixon, OTT subscriptions have risen by 25 to 30 percent year over year.

The OTT market is still young, and this gives new and emerging OTT providers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to influence and reshape viewer loyalty. But this means quickly adapting their content distribution models for the future and establishing a direct relationship with viewers. Today, viewers might be enamored with Netflix and Hulu; tomorrow they’ll ask about your OTT platform to see if you offer the content and experience they are looking for.

Launching an OTT platform is not without its challenges. The perfect OTT platform should cater to everything viewers have been asking for: more quality content available on a wider schedule, flexible pricing, slimmer packages with personalized content and targeted advertising that speaks directly to them.

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