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What Live Streaming means for the future of the Streaming industry 18 May 2017

live streaming

George Kiong from Standard Media has written an amazing article on what Live Streaming means for all businesses and recommended businesses to include Live Streaming being offered by various social media platforms like Periscope, Snapchat and Facebook Live as part of their content strategy to promote their products.

BMW used Periscope to introduce its M2 model thereby attracting 16.6 million views. Buzzfeed did a fun experiment with Facebook Live by getting more than 800,000 viewers to see how many rubber bands would be needed to break a watermelon. The possibilities are endless for businesses whereby they can for instance run Q&A’s with the company CEO or the first customer across a variety of platforms and it’s super easy to use.

Some benefits of live streaming minimize manipulation of content which is commonly done on photo, video or text posts via social media. Live streaming enables customer engagement by providing a comments section as the live video is streaming which causes increased interest in the client’s products. So again a great benefit from a business standpoint. There are few things to bear in mind while live streaming which are that it can impact the device’s battery life. 10-15 minutes of live streaming uses about 20 per cent of battery life. Technical hiccups, slow internet connection could cause viewers to lose interest. Additionally identifying the best time of live stream according to customer’s viewing habits is useful to enable better customer engagement.

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