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Market for Spanish-language online TV streaming heats up


The supply of Spanish-language television content available online is broadening in the United States with assorted content providers, including Netflix, Hulu and other over-the-top, or OTT video services, making available live events, series and films produced in Latin America and Spain.

Established cable and satellite companies, as well as startups, are seeking to attract Latinos in the United States with new services, enticing them away from traditional pay-TV services with programming more in tune with their interests.

A 2014 study by the Simmons consulting firm found that almost 1.9 million Hispanic households, more than 12 percent of the total, have home Internet but not cable or satellite TV.

That provides an opportunity for the content industry to test other methods of capturing customers and respond to the challenge posed by new generations to the classical business model of numerous channel packages that is now proving to be increasingly expensive and obsolete.

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