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Market for Global IPTV to triple in value by 2020 26 May 2017

Global IPTV Market to reach USD 93.59 billion in 2021

The augment of IPTV’s share of the global pay TV market according to various forecasts as revealed by Transparency Market Research, predicts a growth in worldwide revenues generated by the sector between now and 2020. The firm’s latest forecast ‘IPTV Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2020’ suggests that revenues will reach $79.38 billion by 2020 compared with $24.94 billion in 2013, growing at a solid compound annual rate of 18.1%. According to the study, the growth trend will move from Europe and North America towards Asia Pacific. The occurrence of this shift has been over a period of several years with China being in the lead, as was confirmed by a previous survey conducted by Digital TV Research. According to this survey, Asia Pacific accounted for about 40% of global IPTV revenue growth between now and 2020 as opposed to 25% for the U.S. China accounted for 15% of the growth and Japan 9%. It is to be noted, however that the statistics between Digital TV Research and Transparency Market Research vary due to assessment methodologies adopted by the analysts belonging to these two firms respectively.

In fact, Digital Research figures are way below those of Transparency Market Research. This gives an insight into the difficulty of measuring IPTV components amid several bundled multiple play packages which could comprise of voice, broadband and mobile. Additionally, taking into consideration VOD is also an added challenge. However, both Digital Research as well as Transparency Market Research come to an agreement over customer numbers wherein it is predicted that Asia Pacific accounts for 68% of the 101 million new subscribers anticipated by 2020 which takes the total number of households that pay for IPTV to 191 million. To read the complete stats please Read More.

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