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Video to top Spanish digital trends in 2017 06 March 2017

Video to top Spanish digital trends in 2017

According to Spain’s Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) digital trends forecast, video tops in most of the 12 predictions. According to the report, online streaming video, connected TV, video content, advertising, audience measurement tools and virtual reality will rule digital trends for the year.

According to the document, the top 12 digital trends in Spain for 2017 will be:

  • Online video: vertical and mobile video consumption will grow, driving engagement through apps like Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope.
  • Connected TV: television will grow to become a device and service integration platform at home.
  • Virtual reality: following a growing trend in 2016, Virtual Reality will consolidate in 2017, driving technology innovation within the digital media market.
  • Audience measurement: new tools will help to identify individuals on the Internet and improve multi-device advertising impact.
  • Mobile: Google mobile searches will gain relevance, thus forcing companies to create mobile-only experiences.
  • Data and programmatic: native digital formats through programmatic channels will become a reality in 2017.
  • Social media: short-form content, led by video, will be key for brands to seduce the saturated social media audience.
  • Content and native advertising: brands will use growing video and online platforms to directly address their own audiences through relevant content.
  • Online audio: programmatic advertising will grow along with increasing consumption of on-demand audio
  • Branding: brand will definitely become part of the user experience in the digital environment.
  • Real time advertising: live audience measurement will power the capacity to create and launch real-time ad campaigns.
  • E-commerce: there will be an increase in mobile payment and e-commerce retailers.


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