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NAB 2016: Ad blocking – the good and the bad 20 April 2016

A survey on ad blocking has been released during the NAB Show at Vegas. It shows that around 70% of those under 24 are aware about several options of ad blocking. Another report by Accenture shows that 40% of consumers would be ready to pay for video streaming content if there has no advertising.

“Ad blockers are a relatively new threat to the digital advertising industry,” said Gavin Mann, Accenture’s global broadcast industry lead. “Consumers are increasingly willing to pay for blockers because too many ads are poorly targeted. In today’s world of personalized content, being forced to watch an ad that has no relevance is a missed opportunity and feels increasingly intrusive on precious screen-time…In fact, simple avoidance of content associated with heavy and repetitive irrelevant advertising will increase as consumer choice and awareness of choice increases.”

He also pointed out that it is better not to concentrate on outsmarting ad blocking tools like the futile attempt of the music industry to curb piracy.

Source: Broadcasting Cable


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