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Netflix Popcorn Time To be Blocked In UK As Per Court Orders 08 May 2015


Popcorn time is not a foreign word for those who are not fans of the likes of Netflix Breaking News. The movie streaming service has been surrounded by controversy ever since it emerged last year. Because of its uncertain legitimacy, a number of accusations have been hurled at it several times; the video on demand distribution service has been accused of breaking piracy laws. However, the Bittorrent distribution shift has allowed it to operate.

The service dealt with a heavy blow as a UK chancery court issued an order that asked five major broadband providers to block the app download. Which mean that BT, EE, TalkTalk, SKY and VirginMedia will have to prevent customers from viewing the pages hosting popcorn time. But other similar services will spring up instantly.

The case was filed by Universal, Warner Bros, Disney Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, and Columbia Pictures; JudgeBriss heard the case and issued a judgment stating: “ It is manifest that the Popcorn Time application is used in order to watch pirated content on the Internet and indeed it is also manifest that that is its purpose. No-one really uses Popcorn Time in order to watch lawfully available content.”

Read the entire story here.

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