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Video streaming platform Netflix reaches 10 million subscribers 06 November 2018

Netflix racing ahead in UK with approx.10 million subscribers

According to reports, video streaming giant Netflix is all set to hit the magic number 10 million by the end of 2018 in the UK all thanks to the growing numbers of cord-cutters. A survey conducted on 3000 UK online users aged 16+ who have confirmed the growing popularity of non-linear video services in the country. Nearly 25% of UK internet users overall – and 39% of 16-24-year-olds – claimed that video offerings such as Netflix and YouTube are the first services they turn to when looking for TV or video content.

The undeniable popularity of streaming services is due to the greater availability of low-cost, paid-for video services from industry spearheads such as Netflix and Prime Video

Reports also suggest that 54% of UK pay-TV subscribers now believe that their TV service is overpriced, and one in four are thinking about calling off their subscription. There is no stopping for Netflix especially as 1.1m consumers intend to subscribe to the online video streaming platform before the end of the year, taking the total subscriber count to above 10 million.

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