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Network Operators need to partner with OTTs to survive, says Thorsten Trapp of Tyntec 27 February 2015


In a recent study by , 80% of MNOs cite this as their most pressing concern. One third (33%) of mobile operators have seen up to a 10% decline in revenue, up from 21% of mobile operators in 2013.

This rise in popularity of services is driving down and consequently, operators are starting to rethink their business models and reinsert traditional telecom services into the communications equation.

“The initial reaction was defensive with many MNOs both blocking OTT video streaming sites and platforms¬†and launching their own competitive “OTT-like” services such as Telefonica’s free-to-download TU Go app. This approach has limitations, however, as it is isolated to existing subscribers reducing usage potential for customers and doing little to connect the operator with new customers.” says Thorsten Trapp, CTO, Tyntec.

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