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OTT can still learn from PayTV 18 February 2016

While there’s a lot of news about the growth of OTT and the fall of Pay TV. But there is still a lot that OTT can learn from the traditional PayTV. According to a study by Digitalsmiths, it is seen that PayTV offerings are generally more value for money than OTT services, considering the amount of content provided. For example(data source – Gracenote), a PayTV operators provides over 26000 numbers of video content, along with 450 sport events. Modern PayTV operators also can offer around 13k (including 3k movies) numbers of free VoD content, and few more of paid content.

While Netflix has only around 4000 movies, 950 TV shows, and 500 stand-alone programs. This is where OTT needs to upgrade their services by adding more titles and improving live streaming experience, which is now flawless on PayTV.

Source: Cleeng

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