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OTT Consumers’ Patience, Loyalty Tightly Tied to Viewing Experience, Conviva Report Finds 27 March 2015


Conviva, the leader in Over the Top (OTT) video experience optimization for the world’s top media companies, today released the findings of its inaugural report, which found that stream interruptions, inadequate picture fidelity and other poor streaming experience issues prompt nearly three-quarters of all OTT video viewers to give up in the first four minutes of playback.

Key findings of the survey include:

  • Viewers report low tolerance for poor video experience: Only 25 percent of respondents would engage with video content for more than four minutes of an inferior viewing experience.
  • Attachment to specific OTT services vacillates: One in three viewers leaves to find content elsewhere as soon as playback degradations occur and 40 percent reported reduced affinity for a service after one bad experience.
  • Poor experiences on one device impact viewing across devices: Fewer than 16 percent of consumers would try watching on another device after a sub-par experience on their first attempted device.
  • Consumers multiple parties are to blame: Viewers assign blame for poor experiences almost equally to the OTT video streaming platform¬†they are using, their ISP, and CDNs delivering the content.

Read the entire story here.

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