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OTT Has An Insatiable Appetite For Volume, Says BBC EVP Asia 29 July 2015

BBC Worldwide Asia EVP David Weiland
BBC Worldwide’s EVP for Asia David Weiland had a few things to say about the OTT surge and BBC strategy.
“We have managed to have a lot of successes. Our business here is structured fairly equally between our own branded business, TV licensing business and production.
We’ve had a lot of success in India with production. We’re now regarded as one of the go-to production houses for quality entertainment and fiction. That taps into our strategy of trying to adapt our content for the local market. In the rest of Asia on production, we are more in the format licensing business. In the last year, we’ve got Dancing with the Stars in China and Korea. So, that’s a growing business for us.
In terms of TV licensing, our content, particularly our factual content, really resonates with the audience. Asia is going through a real transition to digital. So we’re seeing a lot of new entrants in the OTT VOD platform looking for content that can differentiate them.
Just last week we announced that we will be launching BBC Earth in the Asian market in October. The first year for me was more about consolidation, slightly restructuring the team, making sure we’re in a position to grow. This second year is about starting to introduce new initiatives.”
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