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OTT services are modernizing ad industry in Asia Pacific 05 February 2016

Asia Pacific is being fueled by IPTV, Direct to Home and OTT services. A report from video delivery provider, Edgeware, says that by 2018, this region will become the 2nd largest in the OTT sVoD market. There is a drive to make “Smart OTT” amongst traditional PayTV operators. Broadcasters like HBO NOW, BBC iPlayer, CBS All Access, etc are few examples of who have forayed into the OTT space.

Advertising also undergoes changes like introduction of ad insertion technology for live streams. Programmatic advertising for smart OTT solutions are expected to be adapted rapidly and there will be a 20% rise in this. The challenge for advertisers is that the migration from larger TVs to mobile devices is witnessing a more impatient audience. Hence delivering relevant advertisements using data analytics and creativity has become an important factor in facing the new market.

Source: IT Wire

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