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Ovum Reports Growing Hold Of Telcos On Pay-TV 13 November 2015

Ovum Pay TV Telecom

This will not go down easy with literally anybody in the industry but it appears to be true. As per a new Ovum report, telecom operators now own almost the fifth of world’s Pay-TV subscriptions!

The new report maintains that telecoms claimed 140 mn retail pay-TV customer connections by the end of 2014. But that figure has grown to 177 mn this year. The figures translate to 19% of the pay-TV subscribers base growing from 14%, year over year.

The report predicts a growth of 4% CAGR till 2020 for the global telecom TV subscriber base while the average pay-TV market grows at 2%. In what appears to a new leash of life for IPTV, Ovum predicts an influential role for IPTV, traditional cable and satellite TV platforms.

However, this mercurial growth will slow down and stall at 19-20%. During this period, at least 50% of telecom TV subs will be delivered on IPTV networks while cable and satellite networks will serve at 12% and 37% of connections.

As per Ovum, telecoms will go on to exploit the above mentioned delivery models and continue to improve on newer ones like OTT platforms to retain their subscribers base.

Source : IPTV News


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