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PBS Kids launches streaming video stick with an option to view offline 11 May 2017

PBS Kids Plug & Play

An announcement was made by PBS Kids about the introduction of PBS Kids Plug & Play which is shaped like a little race car and is meant to provide kids entertainment on-the-go. Priced at $49.99 , created with support from Ematic (A Company which has created several tech products for kids in the past), the stick plugs into an HDMI slot on any TV and includes pre-loaded content like sing-along songs and games that works without Wi-Fi.

On being connected to Wi-Fi, kids are able to access 100 hours of PBS Kids video on-demand as and PBS live stream. None of the content requires a subscription fee. The stick comes with a lookalike remote that is designed for kids and an HDMI extension cord.

When the stick is connected to Wi-Fi, the options expand greatly. Then, kids can access 100 hours of PBS Kids video on-demand, as well as the network’s live stream. All content is subscription-free. PBS Kids plans to add new content regularly. The PBS Kids Plug & Play is currently available on and later will be available in Walmart Stores by May 24th. Read More

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