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Quality Is What Will Win You The OTT Race, Not Big Data 16 December 2015

Quality of experience is the single core element of an Over-The-Top (OTT) business that can be fully controlled and optimized. Failing to plan for viewer experience management is as good as planning to fail.

According to Nielsen, traditional TV still has a leg up on streaming subscription services, but the gap is narrowing, with 47% of American households using at least one streaming service.

Despite the seemingly unquenchable thirst for binge watching and mold-breaking scripted programming, such as “Orange is the New Black,” why does traditional TV continue to dominate? The answer may be because of its consistency and reliability in delivery.

So how can online video delivery surpass traditional TV? In order for OTT to win out, it needs to redefine success by combining quality of content with quality of experience (an area where traditional TV enjoys near-total consistency).

The Internet is a fickle and complex beast;providers cannot simply blame the content if viewer numbers fail to meet expectations. Streaming video services is infinitely more complex and has more hurdles than traditional TV. What is required is a new architecture for monitoring, measuring and maintaining.

Source : Mediapost

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