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Top 5 Video Monetization Platforms

Amita Kumari Published on : 21 January 2022
Video monetization platforms


The rise of technologies like content delivery networks, monetization models, streaming protocols, payment gateways, and user-generated content has given the much-needed push to OTT service providers. 

According to the streaming market report, OTT subscription rates were 47 percent higher in 2021 than in 2020, and the industry is predicted to create $ 158.84 billion in total media income by the end of 2024.

If you are ready with your video content and want to explore how to start making money from it, this blog has the essential information for you. 


  • What is video monetization?
  • How to monetize your video?
  • Top 5 Platforms for video monetization

What is video monetization?

Video monetization is all about publishing your video content online and getting paid for it. The more views on your video, the higher is the income rate.

Generating revenue from your video content can be done in multiple effective ways. Some of the most streamlined ones are getting paid through –

Access to video content uploaded on your platform

Creating video content according to the demand of your followers will help you get paid for each view of the content. One of the best examples of pay-to-view can be educational or training content where the user has to buy the course to access the content.

Access to your platform

Creating subscription plans to access on-demand, live, and audio content available on your platform can be one of the most effective ways towards monetizing your content.

Access to your audience

When your videos have high views and engagement, sponsors of different products and services pay you to add their advertisements to your content. This is one of the highest-paid monetization models present in the market.

Let’s have a look at 3 of the most commonly used profitable video monetization models to sell your video content.

SVOD – Subscription video on demand

The SVOD monetization model allows users to watch video content by paying a certain amount of subscription fees. Although the name includes video on demand, it enables users to watch live videos with the same subscription plan. The best example of SVOD being the most profitable monetization model is Netflix. Netflix offers a wide range of subscription plans to the users, which led it to be the most preferred OTT platform of the year 2021.

AVOD – Advertising video on demand

  • This is a sponsorship model, which allows content creators to sell their viewership to advertisers. Here, the sponsors pay a certain amount of money to add their product and service advertisements to your video.
  • The cost of adding each ad to your video content varies according to your audience base.

TVOD – Transactional video on demand

Viewers in AVOD pay a one-time fee to watch video content. It depends on the business, whether to give lifetime access or a temporary one. This monetization model is profitable for content covering multiple genres and industry niches. On the other hand, TVOD helps the broadcasters boost their revenue by selling access to special live events and tournaments, just like the regular subscription.

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The Top 5 video monetization platforms for 2022-

Monetizing videos is not as simple as it looks. You will have to find the right monetization platform to get the most benefit from video monetization. 

Here are the top five video monetization platforms, each offering unique features and services. To find the best fit for your business, kindly pay keen attention to each of them.

1 – Muvi 

Muvi, being an OTT-focused online video platform, supports video monetization tools for both VOD and live streaming. Muvi enables broadcasters to sell video content through monetization models like pay per use, subscription, one-time access, and free access.

Best video monetization features –

  • Muvi’s rule-based credits feature provides loyalty credits to users against each subscription activation. Subscribers can redeem their credit points to get the desired services or product offers available in the category
  • Inbuilt functionality of wallets for each end-user
  • Restricted subscription access
  • Supports content bundling, pre-pay content and crowdfunding
  • Muvi’s paywall implementation works with major monetization models like PPV, SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD

Pricing –

Muvi’s pricing plans differ from those of enterprises and regular users. Pricing for video creators starts at $399/month, while enterprise packages range up to $8900.


2 – Brightcove

Being a high-end video streaming platform, Brightcove empowers VOD and live streaming content with ad-based monetization. It allows you to customize your video streams with ads using server-side ad insertion using ad blockers and supports video ad standards like VPAID, VMAP, and VAST.

Best video monetization features –

  • It supports customized video players and metadata for ad-supported streaming
  • SSAI technology is used to insert advertisements into video streaming
  • You can create OTT video apps using Brightcove Beacon. It lets you monetize your content through SVOD, freemium, and AVOD monetization models

Pricing –

Currently, the pricing information is not available on the website. If you want to learn more about the pricing structure, you can contact the company directly.


3 – Dacast

Dacast is one of the prime leaders in video monetization, assisting in monetizing VOD and live streams through paywall solutions.

With Dacast’s advanced built-in paywalls, which are accepted in 13 different currencies, broadcasters can facilitate active promos and global payments with control rates.

Best video monetization features –

  • Supports group pricing for VOD and live streaming
  • Custom plans with multi-user accessibility
  • Video DRM security
  • Ad-free video streaming 
  • Real-time data analytics

Pricing –

Supports starter plan for $39/month, event plan for $63/month, scan plan for $188/month, and other customized plan as well.


4 – Kaltura 

Kaltura is an online video streaming platform that provides a highly customizable inbuilt tool for simplifying the subscription billing process and helps in tracking revenue. It supports integrations for SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD monetization models.

Best video monetization features –

  • Monetization of VOD content through pay-per-view, subscriptions, ad revenue, or integration of any of these
  • It allows you to choose videos from your content library to get monetized
  • Target audience using data analytics and generating high revenue through it
  • Scalable cloud video transcoding


To know about Kaltura’s monetization pricing structures, broadcasters need to buy credits, whereas the credit packages start at $5400.


5 – Uscreen

Uscreen is a TV-grade video hosting platform that supports subscription and PPV (pay per view) built-in monetization models. It is designed to generate revenue for international OTT streaming service providers like HULU and Netflix.

Best video monetization features –

  • Offers marketing and engagement tools
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Support TVOD, SVOD, and hybrid monetization models
  • Customizable video player and content management system

Pricing –

Varies from $70 to $399 on a monthly basis.


 Final words-

  • With the ever-evolving OTT video streaming market, having a video monetization strategy with the right set of video monetization models helps in transforming it into revenue-generating assets.
  • By choosing Muvi’s video hosting platform, you can effortlessly meet your streaming and revenue targets. Our enterprise-grade video hosting platform offers an all-in-one platform for content creation, execution, and revenue generation.
  • Take a 14-day free trial of Muvi CMS to learn more about Muvi’s exclusive monetization features and get started with accomplishing your video hosting goals.

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Written by: Amita Kumari

Amita is a content writer with Muvi marketing team. She has over 5+ years of experience in content creation and development. Passionate by heart, she likes to cook, write, sing and do yoga to pass time.

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