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Rising tide of online piracy: Sink or Swim? 29 June 2015

Online Piracy


For the first time, searches for popular insecure OTT devices have now outstripped popular secure OTT devices on Google searches. Online piracy is big business. All content is a target: thematic channels, recent movie releases and particularly live sports. The question is can anything be done to hold back this tide?

With advancements in video on demand technology, increasing broadband availability and speed plus secure silicon effectively stamping out control word sharing piracy; the pirates have adapted. OTT piracy, aka content redistribution, is now the biggest threat facing pay-TV operators and content rights holders.

OTT piracy only requires broadband internet access for content delivery. As little as 2-3mbps is sufficient to access hundreds of pirated pay TV channels and movies from almost everywhere in the world in HD or near HD quality. It’s a global problem. This combined with the ease, simplicity and low cost nature of pirate OTT devices means that we’re facing a wave of piracy bigger than we’ve ever seen before.

The good news is that many providers have realized that fighting online piracy requires more than just technology alone. A suite of services is essential to combat new and emerging piracy threats, particularly for OTT piracy. Being able to detect, analyse, investigate and counter all types of piracy affecting on-demand and live real-time content is more essential than ever.

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