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Sports OTT platform VEQTA in alliance with Ping Digital Network 03 June 2016

VEQTA, India’s first OTT network dedicated to sports, has entered into a strategic partnership with multi-channel network Ping Digital Network to further enhance the reach of its sports content. Through this alliance, VEQTA will get an additional reach of over 80 million viewers while Ping Network will be able to showcase diverse sports content from across the globe through VEQTA’s sports channels.


VEQTA will also work closely with Ping and its network partners to jointly develop innovative studio sports content. VEQTA will be launching its flagship OTT service soon to engage sports fans across India. It will offer a multi-sport channel and a mixed martial arts channel on the Ping Network, and will gradually expand the number of channels to cover a wide variety of sports including cricket, football, tennis, golf and action sport, alongside sports such as motorsports, Olympic sports, etc.

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