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Spotify entering the realm of social media 26 June 2017


Ever since MySpace has been on a downfall, music has been mostly non existent in social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat don’t currently include easy ways to share music amongst friends like the way MySpace had it at one point of time.

Music streaming services, a predominant way people prefer to listen to songs and albums have been looking for a way to make a profit by integrating social-networking features.

Spotify recently hit 140 million active users. It has announced a new feature within Facebook’s messaging app that allows Messenger’s 1.2 billion monthly users from around the globe to collaborate on Spotify playlists from within chat conversations.

Spotify has introduced a bot inside the Messenger app that allows people to search and share music, that according to Spotify, millions of songs have already been shared. Read More

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