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Spotify set to unveil ‘Hier streaming tier’ by 2021 end 19 March 2021

Spotify Audio streaming

The audio streaming giant, Spotify is working relentlessly to cater to the needs of their audience. In recent news, they have shared that Spotify will undergo a massive change that will transform the way their users will listen to their audio streaming solutions.

While the changes are multiple, the one that caught our attention was Spotify converting their present audio streaming quality into a CD-quality streaming service. This high-quality audio streaming service will apply to Spotify premium users who upon upgrades can meet high-quality lossless audio streaming service which means moving from an audio quality of 320 kbps to a 1,411 kbps bitrate.

Apart from this, Spotify also shares its other expected feature launches such as AI solutions based on users’ mood, Podcasting streaming facility, and expansion of their brand internationally.

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