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Streaming TV apps and skinny bundles – latest data 27 June 2017

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According to comScore an increasing number of households that are outside of the U.S are streaming TV and entertainment content on an average of 49 hours each month.

Half of Americans have resorted to cord-cutting and many are including OTT apps such as Netflix, Hulu or YouTube with traditional cable TV. About 54% of all homes with wireless internet access representing 51 million U.S homes used OTT services according to comScore.

As far as OTT TV apps are concerned, Netflix is at the top of the list accounting for 40% market share of all viewing hours. Meanwhile, 18% market share goes to YouTube. Hulu accounts for 14% and Amazon Video represents 7% of all OTT viewing hours.

Further, the report says that 34% of all OTT viewers meaning more than 17 million U.S households are cordless out of which 50% are households that only stream. Cord-cutters average 81 hours of streaming time each month. Cord-nevers stream 61 hours of streaming time a month. 3.1 million U.S households as of April are skinny bundle customers. More than 2 million of those homes have opted for Sling TV. Read More

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